The end of year 2016 and start of New Year 2017 begins, also it might be new start and refreshing start for your existing websites with new great and unique ideas. As everything advances day by day, that same applies on websites which are the most important tool for business organisation. Each day user wants new experience from online technology, he/she demands advance things which attract them with their uniqueness.

Let’s start the new trends with new trends in 2017

3D Animation: Let’s start the 2017 with talking about the 3D Animation. 3D images are amazing and beautiful which makes the visitor to stays on website more. It is not only attractive but also make the website trustworthy as i think when i saw these types of images i find it amazing. So make your site more attractive or smooth through using this animation.

GIF images: if we see GIF images get a lot of attention of user, user attracts with this animation for a reason. As all are aware of this GIF Animation, everyone uses them for their prospective websites but keep in mind that do not get influence by this and do notoveruse them for your website. Try to opt a reliable GIF images for your website.

Video Posting: As compare to GIF images, I have not seen video on every website. People find videos easy and comfortable in getting understand the purpose of video which they are watching. The idea of video uploading on a website is superb for those who know which kind of video needs to be posted.

Layouts: The proper management of design elements needs to be arranged greatly with clear content and readable content. if visitor comes to your website and suddenly switches off in seconds that simply mean that he/she does not get enough information or does not get what actually he was searching.


If your website design is smooth and flexible, are designed in a way that user do not needs to do much efforts and long time for searching any important things. Make sure in this New Year to give an amazing layout plan to your website.

cae9231db73a858b2f67297ab30a70a3Various types of Shapes: I really do not think people in late 2016 uses typical pattern, web design designer and web development developers tend use simple and shower shapes. You can use various shapes like Geometric, lines and circles type of pattern into your website and make it attractive through using pattern on images and written content.

Relevant colors : With having a perfect layout, your websites should be colored well in order to meet the requirement of website. color combination depends on the themes of website and what type the website is. Choose shining colors which enhance your website in order to according look and feel of website.

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Hope this blog of web design 2017 tends are useful for spreading information about new trends which you can apply on your new website. I also wish that this New Year make lots of success to your powerful mind in the field of your organic business.

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