Website Design

Design is an idea which you put on while making a website and implementing the idea with proper guidance that makes a website relevant for users. Each and every corner of websites determine by architecture , website layout , Website colors,  text styles, structure, graphics and images which leads the website to user through internet with the of web browser.

Type of Website Design

Here we will discuss the type of Web Design which is most important thing for web designers:

  • Fixed/static design: Let’s talk about Fixed Design which has a set width that do not change when the browser being resized, does not affect what device the website is being viewed on, If you see on smaller devices (smart phones or tablets) content being harder to read out and user gets irritate by that. On the smaller screen the clickable links does not get clicked properly and user gets more annoyed with continuous process of zoom out and zooms in into the page’s text.
  • Liquid or Fluid design: when we opt to choose different browser, but if we getting proper elements of a website on all type of device that mean it is a Fluid website. The phrase Liquid implies the website goes smoothly with the content on the page of website spreads out to fill up the width of the browser.
  • Responsive design: Creating Responsive Website means to make a website easier to display on different devices so that user find it easy to read and navigate. It is make your website to look good on all kind of devices (Phone, tablets, and Desktop). Basically the website is approachable, usable, view able and readable for all kind of devices.

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Elements of Web Design

  • Layout: Graphics, ads and text are arranged through layouts. Layout is the main key to maintain the balance and consistency of website design.
  • Colour: colors which is the symbol of happiness is main thing which is the way of attractiveness. The more your website is attractive and relevant for user the more new user you website will get.
  • Graphics: Graphics are also part of attractiveness which includes photos, logo, and icons which increase the good look of website. it also make your website user friendly because having sensible images on website make the web page more friendly.
  • Fonts: The best font makes the website more user friendly website. A variety of fonts can enhance a website design that makes the website relevant and attractive.
  • Content: as proven that the content is the king of any page, it makes a website more informational, useful and friendly for user. Content should be unique, seo friendly for the user and there should be relevant keywords.

Web design is one of the great process for any kind of service/business which helps your product/service to display in web browser and increase the popularity of the product on internet. Opt the Best Website Designing Company in Delhi ncr India which can match your need in order to meet all your requirements & expectation.